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Cowboy Studio Boom Stand

First test of the Cowboy Studio boom stand.

Yesterday the latest addition to my studio arrived. A brand new Cowboy Studio boom stand.

I’ve been needing a boom stand for a while and realized the need even more once I purchased my Paul C. Buff 22″ beauty dish.  The beauty dish on a standard light stand is ok, but you can really only face it straight forward at whatever height you set the stand.

In order to get more flattering light you really need the light to be above and coming down at an angle.  Perpendicular light just seems a bit weird and unnatural, so I got the boom stand.

I was on a budget, so I thought I’d check out the Cowboy Studio equipment.  The reviews on some of their equipment can be rather mixed, but the boom stands seemed to get good reviews.  Well, something like this “it’s good, solid stand – for the money”.

I have to say so far, I am impressed.  It was less expensive that some of my standard light stands and seems a lot more sturdy.  It is definitely strong enough to hold my Alien Bees AB1600 and the 22″ beauty dish.  Based on my experience thus far, I believe it would hold a large softbox and the AB1600 as well.

I am quite pleased and so is my pocketbook.