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Taking the studio on the road.

Recently I was asked by a friend and fantastic photographer Amaris Hames to help shoot a wedding. She needed a photo booth and knew I had the gear. So an unholy alliance was formed! Bwahahahahaha! OK, so perhaps not really an unholy alliance, but I did say yes to helping with the photo booth.

Woo! It’s always good to get the studio setup somewhere besides my garage.

This is the setup. Two Paul C. Buff Alien Bee 800s with umbrellas and a makeshift backdrop stand. The lights were triggered via the RadioPopper Jrx system and the camera was a 7D tethered to a Macbook Pro. It’s a pretty simple setup. The lighting didn’t need to be dramatic, just lit.

While running the photo booth I learned that there are a lot of slow times. What does a photographer do when it’s slow? I couldn’t just sit there while the action was going on just behind me. So I figured I could turn the lights toward the action and take the camera off the tripod. It was easy enough to revert when somebody was ready for the photo booth.

So what did I learn from the experience?

  1. Photo booths at a wedding can be very fun.
  2. Look around. Action is everywhere.
  3. Don’t be rigid. Just because you’re set to do one thing doesn’t mean you can’t also do another.
  4. If you get a chance to work with Amaris Hames and Dré Szkolnyj, DO IT!

You can view some of Amaris’ work here:
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