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New Batch of Carolina Rollergirls headshots.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting some new headshots for the Carolina Rollergirls. I tried a new lighting scheme for this years photos. The results of the first batch are below. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Especially considering my tiny little studio. Click on an image to see a larger […]

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Steaz Bottle Caps

I tried Steaz for the first time yesterday. I thought the beverage was OK, but I really loved the sayings beneath the bottle caps. I think all companies should strive to give you something that makes you feel better after having used their product.

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Cowboy Studio Boom Stand

Yesterday the latest addition to my studio arrived. A brand new Cowboy Studio boom stand. I’ve been needing a boom stand for a while and realized the need even more once I purchased my Paul C. Buff 22″ beauty dish.  The beauty dish on a standard light stand is ok, but you can really only […]

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Carolina Rollergirls Go “Over The Edge”

Recently I had the honor of documenting two Carolina Rollergirls (Eris Discordia and Celia Fate) along with their mascot (Evil Ed) as they helped to raise money for the Special Olympics. The event was called “Over The Edge”. Basically supporters who were able to raise a minimum of $1000 got the privilege of rappelling down […]

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Carolina Rollergirls Best Hits of 2009

Yes, I realize this was from last year.. But it’s a good glimpse into how hard hitting this sport is. Oh and I’m in the video doing my thing as well. Thanks to Colby Hoke for putting this together.

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Two Features on the Carolina Rollergirls blog!

August was a good month. Somehow I managed to get two articles written about me and my work on the Carolina Rollergirls blog. This first article is about the photography I do at their bouts: http://carolinarollergirls.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/joshuacraig/ The second article is an interview with yours truly: http://carolinarollergirls.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/joshuacraiginterview/ Thanks so much to the Carolina Rollergirls for making […]

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The Assignment: Underwater

I’m fascinated by water drop shots I’ve seen around. This is my first attempt at making some of my own.

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The Assignment: Photographer’s Choice

The Assignment – Orange

Chicago – Cloud Gate

The Assignment – Community

NC State Fairgrounds – Flea Market