Joshua R. Craig

North Carolina BBQ Trail Mmmm. Mmmm. Tasty.

The North Carolina BBQ trail is a collection of BBQ restaurants intended to be a guide to how BBQ is done it North Carolina. It showcases both Eastern and Western styles and every stop on the trail is worthy of being on this list.

This map leverages several pieces of technology in order to function.

  • Leaflet JS for the map rendering.
  • WordPress Custom Post Types to store information about each restaurant.
  • Advanced Custom Fields so that we can add custom information fields to the  Wordpress Custom Post Type. (Address, have I been there or not, Yelp link, etc).
  • Google Maps API for Geocoding.  When the address for new restaurant is added or updated this API is leveraged to get the latitude and longitude for the restaurant.  Doing this only on addition or update cuts down on the number of queries to the API.